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Experience in Brunei Darussalam

Date of issue:2019-02-25 Author: Click:

"I really did not expect that the fish we raised in the deep sea in Brunei could actually be used by Wenlaixuan as a state banquet ingredient! A few days ago, Haishitong Fisheries(Brunei) company staff member Weichengyu, who had just returned home, shared this joy with everyone.

In mid-November, Brunei welcomed the foreign heads of state dinner ingredients selected city defense Hong Kong company haishitong food company Brunei branch of deep-sea fish breeding. The state banquet is an official banquet held by the head of state or government to entertain guests and guests of the country. Its selection of ingredients requires high and profound meaning.

The marine environment of Brunei is good and seafood varieties are extremely rich. Because of this, Brunei people are particularly picky about eating seafood, and it is difficult for artificially bred fish to see.

"Not to mention the fact that Bruneians are very particular about seafood, but they are very interested in our fish in Brunei. " said Weichengyu.

Haishitong Food Co., Ltd. is a large-scale offshore large-scale net tank mariculture company in our district. It has the ability to process 20,000 tons of aquatic products annually. Its investment in Brunei is the first landing project of the "Guangxi Brunei Economic Corridor". It is also a demonstration project for scientific and technological cooperation between the countries along the Belt and Road in Fangchenggang City. It mainly breeds famous sea fish such as Jinmu perch and Juncao fish.


In February 2016, Brunei's government visited Haishitong Foods and immediately issued an investment invitation after learning about the company's advanced deep-sea aquaculture technology and its economic and social benefits. With the efforts of the two sides, construction was put into construction and experimental production in June of the same year.

The company set up a net box in the deep sea 12 kilometers away from the coast of Brunei. The net box distance is 500 meters and the aquaculture water depth is 12 meters. The net box layout density and aquaculture water depth are much higher than those of foreign counterparts.

"The advantage of this is that the aquaculture water body in the aquaculture area has a fast space and water flow conversion, which can ensure that the marine environment in the aquaculture area self-purification and ensure that the entire aquaculture environment is pollution-free. "Weichengyu said that the ecology of the breeding area is guaranteed, and the quality of the fish is guaranteed.

Due to advanced technology and high feed quality, coupled with low-density cultural facilities in the deep sea, the product quality of Haishitong Fisheries(Brunei) Co., Ltd. has subverted the concept that Brunei people have always been "not delicious, not nutritious, and unsafe" for fish farming..

Brunei is vast, but small in size. In order to ease this situation, the company decided to breed high-end seawater fish seedlings such as Jinmu fish and Jinchangyu in the local area, and to draw on the domestic "company + base + fisherman" model to attract local fishermen to join the breeding industry. The company is responsible for supplying fish seedlings, technical training, adult fish recovery, processing and export and other chain links. Fishermen who participate in the cooperation can simply raise fish at ease.

The "China Model" of "Company + Base + Fisherman" was quickly highly recognized, and more than 30 Brunei aquaculture companies and a large number of fishermen cooperated with the company. They were surprised to find that using Chinese technology to raise fish not only solved the problem of slow growth and susceptibility to disease, but also met the international standards for the export of aquatic products within 6 to 8 months. In July 2018, the first batch of deep-sea fish bearing the trademark of Haishetong Fisheries(Brunei) was sold to Canada, which meant that Brunei's farmed fish entered the international market for the first time.

It is worth mentioning that the investment project of Haishitong Fisheries(Brunei) Co., Ltd. is the first large-scale deep-sea aquaculture project and national fishery brand in Brunei. The company's amazing performance has been recognized and valued by Brunei's top management.. At the 14th China-ASEAN Expo held in 2017, Brunei Sultan Hassan Nar fully supported the company to represent Brunei in China and visited the company's booth to inspect the sympathy and enthusiasm.

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