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Fangchenggang City was approved to establish a postdoctoral innovation practice base.

Date of issue:2019-08-28 Author: Click:

On August 27, Fangchenggang City held the Fangshigang City in Guangxi and won the unveiling ceremony of the fifth batch of post-doctoral innovation practice bases in Guangxi and the high-level talent work symposium of the enterprise. The deputy mayor of Fangchenggang Municipal People's Government Zhai Xingchao Attend and speak. Wang Ke, secretary of the party group and director of Fangchenggang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, presided over the relevant departments of Fangchenggang City and some responsible persons of high-paying technology enterprises.


Yan Xingchao expressed his congratulations to Guangxi Haishitong Food Co., Ltd., the fifth batch of post-doctoral innovation practice bases in Guangxi, and hoped that the base units would actively expand the research work field, continuously introduce high-end talents, and improve technologies such as marine aquaculture and seafood processing. Strength, efforts to achieve the upgrade of the level of marine aquaculture and seafood processing technology in Fangchenggang City, to ensure that the base really plays a role. At the same time, the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau and other relevant departments are required to do a good job in supervision and guidance, encourage more enterprises and institutions to vigorously carry out the introduction, cultivation and use of high-level talents, enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities and core competitiveness, and provide economic and social development for Fangchenggang City. Make more contributions.


It is understood that the construction of the Guangxi Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base is an important measure for enterprises to realize technologically advanced countries and science and technology enterprises, and has an important role in promoting high-quality sustainable development. This year, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of the Autonomous Region approved the establishment of Guangxi Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base in 12 units in the district. Guangxi Haishitong Food Co., Ltd., recommended by Fangchenggang City, is among the 50 Guangxi Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Bases. Including Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and Guirentang Jinhua Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd., Fangchenggang City currently has three Guangxi Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Bases. The approved post-doctoral innovation practice base can recruit doctoral students to do post-doctoral research according to their own development needs, or sign cooperation with personnel with post-doctoral experience. The Autonomous Region Human Resources and Social Security Department will provide appropriate funding support for the approved base. Guangxi Haishitong Food Co., Ltd. was approved by the Guangxi Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base to facilitate the company's in-depth research and development of high-tech industrial projects, and played a strong role in supporting the development of fisheries in Fangchenggang City.



At the subsequent symposium on high-level talent work of Fangchenggang City enterprises, Yan Xingchao pointed out that all functional departments should firmly establish the "great talent concept", actively publicize and implement the various talent policies of the city, and at the same time explore and establish more sounds. Effectively encourage the introduction of high-level talents in the system and mechanism; strive to create a good environment to attract, cultivate and retain talents, so that talents can be introduced and retained; full integration and training of high-level talents should be fully integrated with the actual needs of enterprises. The use of talent carriers such as post-doctoral innovation practice bases will play a good role in gathering, attracting and cultivating talents; it is necessary to vigorously cultivate local talents, motivate and motivate talents to create innovative vitality, and increase investment and development of talent cultivation. At the meeting, all the participants exchanged opinions on the work of the high-level talents, difficulties and problems encountered by the company, and made suggestions on how to do a good job in the talent work of the enterprise.


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