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Guangxi deepens the blue ocean and strengthens maritime economic cooperation with ASEAN countries

Date of issue:2021-02-08 Author: Click:

来源“”中国新闻网  2021-02-07 21:11:48

China News Service, Nanning, February 7 (Reporter Huang Yanmei and Yang Zhixiong) The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region official said on the 7th that Guangxi will implement the three-year action plan for the Xianghai economy, strengthen the development of marine science and technology and economic cooperation and exchanges with ASEAN countries, and promote China- The establishment of a joint research and development center for marine science and technology in ASEAN countries.

   Guangxi is the only coastal province in the western part of China, and it is China’s closest sea port to ASEAN. Guangxi has rich marine resources and unique potential for "blue". The continental coastline is 1628.59 kilometers long, 219 kilometers of port coastline can be planned to use, and 834 productive berths can be built.

   According to the Ocean Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, currently, Guangxi has built 95 10,000-ton berths, providing shoreline support for the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone to cultivate and build a diversified port industrial cluster. According to preliminary estimates, in 2020, Guangxi Xianghai’s economic output value is 330 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), a year-on-year increase of 3.0%, of which the marine production value is expected to reach 172.7 billion yuan.

Currently, Guangxi is building 7 green port-industry clusters including high-end metal new materials, electronic information, green chemical new materials, advanced equipment manufacturing, forestry, pulp and paper, etc., and strive to accelerate the industrial output value to "300 billion level" and "100 billion level" . Guangxi will strengthen the construction of China-Malaysia "Two Countries Double Parks" and other open-to-sea cooperation platforms, promote the construction of China-ASEAN Mining Industrial Parks, and explore the establishment of a "Belt and Road" seaward economic Beibu Gulf pilot zone.

Guangxi proposed to speed up the opening of international cooperation to the sea, focus on promoting the quality and upgrading of overseas cooperation parks, and accelerate the construction of China (Guangxi)-Brunei Fishery Cooperation Demonstration Zone, Thailand's Zhengda-Guangxi Construction Technology Industrial Park, and the Philippines Asian Union (A- link) "Going Global" projects such as steel plants, 50 new "Going Global" projects will be added from 2020 to 2022.

   The new land-sea channel in the west is the main artery of economic development to the sea. In 2020, the Beibu Gulf Port sea-rail intermodal trains will operate 4,607 trains, an increase of 105%, and the container throughput will reach 5.05 million TEUs, which is one of the leading coastal ports in China. This year, Guangxi will accelerate the construction of the Qinzhou-Beihai-Fangcheng Port-type national logistics hub, expand international routes, promote 50 port and shipping projects, build 13 projects including the No. 3 berth in the Chisha operation area of Fangcheng Port, and realize the navigation of 150,000-ton container ships. . (Finish)

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