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A commemorative meeting to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and China was held in Nanning. The Seaworld project "China-Brunei Fishery Resources Development and Utilization "One Belt One Road" Joint

Date of issue:2021-09-09 Author: Click:

Since the national “One Belt, One Road” strategic thinking was put forward, the Brunei Aquaculture Development Center, Haishitong Fishery (Brunei) Co., Ltd., Guangxi Haishitong Food Co., Ltd., Guangxi Institute of Fishery Sciences, Sanya Tropical Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. Research institutes and other core teams have formed a complete industry-university-research industrial chain between Chinese and Wen-language through close cooperation with multiple parties, basic technology research and development, high-quality seed delivery, talent team building, and R&D exchange platform construction. The function is complete, including multiple functions such as technology development, talent exchange, and achievement demonstration and promotion.

In order to further promote the establishment and operation of China-Brunei South China Sea germplasm resources development and utilization, the core team reached a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of a China-Brunei fishery resources development and utilization "Belt and Road" joint laboratory. The main content of the memorandum includes the joint establishment of the South China Sea Tuna Propagation-Raising-Promotion Center, the South China Sea Economic Animal Germplasm Resources Protection and Utilization Center, the South China Sea Economic Animal Seed Industry Center, and the South China Sea New Type Farming Ship Deep Sea Breeding Center. Related cooperation projects are in China. Started under the financial support of funding agencies to maintain stable technological R&D, academic exchanges, talent training and results application operation processes.

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