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How is the "national feast fish" made?

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In November 2018, during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Brunei, Brunei’s national banquet on fish was made from a company that went out of Guangxi, Guangxi Haishitong Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haishitong). ).

Under the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, Haishitong took the lead in feeling the “live water” that was open to the outside world. In order to seize the opportunity of the development of marine fisheries, in 2012, the company's senior management has begun to set up a "checkerboard" to expand overseas markets. After many inspections, Brunei broke into the vision of policy makers. The country's stable and friendly political environment and the vast sea of zero pollution are indispensable prerequisites for the development of fisheries. In June 2016, the Haishitong Brunei Fishery Investment Project was officially launched. This is the first project implemented by Brunei in the “Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor”. It also means that Brunei has the first marine fish culture export in the country. s company.

In the past, Brunei’s fisheries base was almost zero. When entering the market, Haishitong must be “self-reliant”. The fishing boat is broken. Looking for Brunei, you can't find a suitable nail. During the nursery process, the eggs should eat algae food. Brunei can't supply it. The company can only purchase it from abroad in large quantities, and then expand it until it is expanded. Raise tens of billions of algae to meet the needs of fish eggs.

In the eyes of Hai Shi Tong, these are only minor difficulties. How to cultivate the fry in the Wenlai environment on a large scale is the problem they need to overcome. In order to solve this problem, Haishitong collected goldfish, golden carp and grouper from the local area and cultivated it as a “fish mother”. Up to now, the golden eyed carp fry have been successfully bred and grown into finished fish. This has changed Brunei’s long history of relying on imports of marine fish culture fry, which has provided strong support for the sustainable development of Brunei fisheries.

In addition to seedlings, Haishitong also processes finished fish, and exports several frozen containers to Canada, the United States and other countries, filling the gap in Brunei's quality fish market in the international aquatic market.

In China, due to the influence of seasonal temperature changes on the breeding of marine fish, Haishitong has established the “China Seawater Southern Breeding Base” in Brunei, which realizes the circulation of marine fish in the four seasons of breeding and breeding. And high-quality marine fish are sold back to China to ensure domestic market demand for marine fish.

The achievement of one item is closely related to the company's emphasis on fishery technology research and development. As early as the development of the domestic market, Haishitong has already had close technical cooperation with universities and research institutes in Guangxi. In 2018, the Science and Technology Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region initiated an innovation-driven project to provide financial support for Haishitong and set up a technical cooperation platform. The platform established Haishitong as the lead unit and conducted technical discussions with the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences and the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, the East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute and the South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute from time to time. “Find problems at any time and find them to solve them at any time,” said Wei Chengyu, general manager of Haishitong Fisheries (Brunei) Co., Ltd.

The technical cooperation platform also extends to Brunei. Haishitong has technical contacts with Brunei University and Brunei National Fisheries Development Center. It has become a common goal for both parties to promote technology transfer and improve science and technology in exchange and exploration. In the past three years, Haishitong has continued to invest more than 17 million yuan in research and development.

What is the taste of deep-sea fish that technology and nature have combined? The Japanese gave the answer. Sushi is a speciality of Japanese cuisine. Its method of eating raw fish imposes stringent requirements on the quality of fish. Fish with feed flavor and diesel flavor are not favored by Japanese diners at all, but they are golden to Haishitong. Fish has a special liking.

Wei Chengyu said that in recent years, due to the shortage of high-quality golden carp in Japan, some Japanese guests have set their sights on overseas and took the initiative to ask Haishitong to conduct targeted carp culture for the Japanese market.

The gradual accumulation of word-of-mouth has strengthened the foundation of Haishitong's development. They will extend their reach to Brunei's talent training and employment fields. They provide technical guidance and training to local farmers, and provide feed and fry. The fish grow up and make targeted purchases. As of June 2019, Haishitong has supplied more than 50,000 Jinmu carp fry to local farmers.

In addition, Haishitong also provides internship opportunities for students of local schools in Brunei to promote the knowledge of fisheries. The outstanding performers can directly work in the company, which also cultivates the future technical development of fisheries for Brunei. In addition to Chinese employees, the company has gathered elites from Brunei, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

In 2018, Haishitong's revenue reached more than 1.3 million yuan (about 6.5 million yuan). Wei Chengyu said that there is still much room for improvement in the company's revenue. Since Brunei has not signed an import and export agreement with other countries, the deep-sea fish produced by Haishitong in Brunei cannot enter the mainland for sale. At present, the company has applied to the General Administration of Customs of China, and the output value will be greatly improved after approval. Consumers can also enjoy the delicious deep sea fish from Brunei.

Nowadays, the development of the marine industry in Guangxi enterprises is getting bigger and bigger. These companies have traveled to Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and other places to invest in the construction of South American white prawn seedling base, cold chain logistics base, golden carp breeding base, colored pearl breeding base and shellfish joint laboratory. On the one hand, it reduced operating costs, broadened the export market, and achieved good economic benefits; on the other hand, it also promoted local economic and technological development and achieved good social benefits.

In recent years, Guangxi has participated in the implementation of a series of cooperation projects with ASEAN countries to promote demonstration and pilot construction of marine science and technology and industrial cooperation. Through the China-Southeast Asia Ocean Cooperation Forum, it will create a new opportunity for Guangxi to participate in China-ASEAN marine cooperation.

It is worth mentioning that in order to break through the bottleneck of the weak marine science and technology in Guangxi, Guangxi and the State Oceanic Administration conducted consultations and research, and finally won the successful establishment of the Fourth Ocean Research Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources in the North Sea, which is for the Guangxi marine industry and the regional economy. Development plays a pivotal role. At present, Oceanic IV is making every effort to promote exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN countries, accelerate the construction of China-ASEAN countries' joint research and development center for marine science and technology, and build up strength for Guangxi's economic development in the sea.

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