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A special symposium on the implementation of the project of the “Two Districts” project in Brunei

Date of issue:2019-11-01 Author: Click:

In order to speed up the construction of Guangxi's agricultural foreign cooperation "two districts", namely, the overseas agricultural cooperation demonstration zone and the agricultural opening-up cooperation pilot zone, deepen the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, promote the transformation and upgrading of Guangxi's agriculture, and set up two types of enterprises for overseas and domestic enterprises. The platform will form a two-wheel drive and high-level two-way open pattern of promoting agricultural cooperation with foreign countries. Haishitong Company responded positively and implemented the goal of establishing a multinational agricultural enterprise group with international competitiveness, and established the Brunei-China (Guangxi) Agricultural Cooperation Demonstration Zone in Brunei, namely the Brunei Fishery Comprehensive Demonstration Zone. Chuangwei is set to lead, to serve the agricultural foreign investment and trade as the core, to build a public platform for agricultural development in Brunei, and to promote agriculture to go out.

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