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Professor Shi Zhaohong from the East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences went to Brunei to conduct base research activities

Date of issue:2019-10-09 Author: Click:

Guangxi is an important platform for implementing the “One Belt, One Road” strategy; it is an important means to realize the “going out” of fisheries; it is an important support for realizing the “three major” strategic positioning of Guangxi. The construction of Haishitong (Brunei) deep sea cage culture international R&D center is an important platform to respond to the call of the central government to implement the “Belt and Road” strategy and promote the export of China's advanced manufacturing and fishery technology. Promote the development of the marine fishery industry in Southeast Asia (Brunei), and also play a role in demonstrating the development of the “Maritime Silk Road” countries along the Southeast Asia. The center will provide localized technology for going out to fish-related enterprises, exporting China's advanced technology, equipment and standards, and achieving a "win-win" for China's fishery enterprises and landing countries. Comrade Shi Zhaohong’s purpose in going to Brunei was to carry out the project of the “Hai Shi Tong (Brunei) Deep Sea cage culture international R&D center construction project” of the Guangxi Science and Technology Department. As the technical person in charge of the project, together with the project sponsor, we will build the “Hai Shi Tong (Brunei) Deep Sea cage culture international R&D center”, which builds a good environment and social environment of Brunei. The deep-sea culture research platform, which is not affected by the season, gathers domestic and foreign institutions and talents to jointly study. The innovation results not only provide technical support for the development of overseas enterprises, but also support the development of domestic industries and promote technical cooperation and exchanges among ASEAN countries. Technology transfer and training of aquatic talents to provide a communication platform. The research activity not only carried out the cultivation of oval-shaped seedlings, the collection of hydrological data in the sea cage culture, and the growth test, but also conducted internship training for students from the local technical college to ADC internship. The training includes the situation of ADC and the cooperation foundation of the Academy of Water Sciences, fish morphology and classification, fish embryo development and the morphology of juveniles and young fish, the cultivation of several important farmed fish species and the development status of cage fish culture. Training on the safety of the internship was carried out. And demonstrate some basic operational skills on site.

In view of the breeding growth of the cockroach and gentian grouper in the existing pool of ADC, detailed observations were made. For the sea cage culture, the qualification of the diving water is used to carry the compressed gas into the water, directly near From the observation of the activity of the gold in the cage, the attachment of fouling organisms outside the cage to the net, and the damage of the net, the ADC management and operators discussed possible problems and preventive measures. Demonstrate some advanced operating techniques on site and adjusted some bait strategies. It also carried out useful discussions and field visits for the soil pond seedlings to be carried out next month. According to the current technical level and actual situation of Brunei ADC, a set of plan for soil pooling is designed. In the field investigation, the in-water pipeline, the biological culture of the bait, the transportation of the fertilized eggs and seedlings, the disinfection and water intake of the pond, and the measures against rain and light were all carefully understood, and the feasible technical routes and implementation schemes were proposed. Made a good suggestion for the management process.

The trip basically completed the preset task indicators, demonstrated the technical level of the Water Science Institute, and proposed the measures to meet the actual situation for the local enterprises to improve the survival rate. At the same time, the site of the soil pond breeding was carried out this year, and the implemented technology was formulated. The route made a practical preparation for the next visit to Brunei.

Observing the swimming condition of the oval mites in the cage under water;

Carrying equipment to the water can better observe and repair the net clothing, which is safer than the oxygen supply of the supercharger.

Carrying equipment and water for observation time is long, and the training reaches a depth of 30 meters, which meets the needs of aquaculture management.

Trained students from the Brunei Institute of Technology to the ADC internship to introduce the biology of the barramundi culture.

A photo taken after the training.

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