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Professor Shi Zhaohong from Donghai Fisheries Research Institute went to Brunei to carry out research project reporting activities

Date of issue:2019-11-10 Author: Click:

The construction of Haishitong (Brunei) deep sea cage culture international R&D center is an important platform to respond to the call of the central government to implement the “Belt and Road” strategy and promote the export of China's advanced manufacturing and fishery technology. Promote the development of the marine fishery industry in Southeast Asia (Brunei), and also play a role in demonstrating the development of the “Maritime Silk Road” countries along the Southeast Asia. The center will provide localized technology for going out to fish-related enterprises, exporting China's advanced technology, equipment and standards, and achieving a "win-win" for China's fishery enterprises and landing countries.

Haishitong (Brunei) Deep Sea cage culture international R&D center, relying on Brunei's good natural conditions and social environment, build a deep-sea culture research platform that is not affected by the season, and gather domestic and foreign institutions and talents to jointly study. The innovations not only provide technical support for the development of overseas enterprises, but also support the development of domestic industries, and promote technical cooperation and exchanges among ASEAN countries, and provide a platform for exchanges between ASEAN countries in technology transfer and training of aquatic talents.

This event happened to be attended by the Chinese Ambassador to Wenlai Yang Jian and Director of the Business Department Zhu Rong. Worked with the ADC executive manager to report on ADC's work in Brunei for the past two years, and specifically reported to Ambassador Yang on the progress of the cooperation between the Institute of Water Resources and ADC, and the implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture's “Agriculture Going Global”. Technically, as a supporting unit of ADC, in the cultivation of seedlings such as barramundi and ovate, the cultivation of ovate-shaped deep-sea cages, the traditional cage culture of coastal groupers, and environmental protection and monitoring. Work, the role of water science experts in technical support, and strive to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, after the discussion with the ADC manager accompanied by Ambassador Yang and Director Zhu to inspect the on-site seedlings of ADC, Ambassador Yang and Director Zhu are interested in listening And observed the nursery situation of barramundi, and asked about the work and life of the experts of the Academy of Water Sciences, and expressed appreciation for the cooperation between scientific research institutes such as the Water Science Institute and Chinese-funded enterprises or Brunei local enterprises, encouraging experts to put China The advanced technology of the country has been brought into play, and the mutual benefit and win-win situation of the two Chinese countries has been truly achieved.

Brunei has been affected by the edge of the Lombok earthquake zone in Indonesia. The water quality in the offshore area of Brunei has deteriorated, the water level has shown signs of rising, the seawater is turbid within a few days, and the grouper in the near-shore cage has experienced a large number of deaths. At the request of the ADC, the members of the group and the ADC personnel will launch the water together, and use the qualification of the diving water to carry the compressed gas cylinder, directly observe the activity of the gold carp in the cage, and the grouper and the eastern star spot in the near-shore cage. Feeding and activity of barramundi and ovate broodstock. Discussed with ADC management and operators about possible problems due to water quality deterioration and preventive measures. In response to the problems in the breeding of marshmallows, the strategy and specific operation methods of feeding the bait were repeatedly emphasized, and on-site demonstration was carried out. It also introduces the successful experience already gained in Indonesia for reference. For the part of the growth detection and water quality environmental monitoring of the project of the Middle East Seawater Research Institute of the Guangxi Science and Technology Department, analyze the data obtained with the relevant members of the ADC, and lay a solid foundation for the summary of the annual indicators after returning to China. It is expected to complete the sea within the year. Sampling test content. Originally planned to carry out the on-site assembly work of a new type of new PET cage, due to problems in the domestic transportation sector, it is temporarily unable to arrive in Brunei, and this part will be postponed. The trip basically completed the preset task indicators, demonstrated the technical level of the Water Science Institute, and proposed measures to meet the actual situation for local enterprises to improve the survival rate of nursery.

Chinese Ambassador to Wenlai Yang Jian, Director of Business Administration Zhu Rong and others visited ADC and took photos with experts from the Academy of Water Sciences and ADC members.

Reported to Ambassador Yang on the implementation of the lead.

Introduce the growth of larvae and the culture of rotifers.

Report the work to Ambassador Yang and others.

ADC's offshore fishing raft

ADC cultured pearl gentian

ADC gentian grouper

ADC's barramundi broodstock

ADC gentian grouper

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