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The kick-off meeting on the project of holding a special project for innovation and drive development in Guangxi (a major project for science and technology)

Date of issue:2019-10-17 Author: Click:

Guangxi is located in South China, south of Beibu Gulf, facing Southeast Asia and adjacent to the 10 ASEAN countries. It is the most convenient maritime gateway and bridgehead for China to connect with ASEAN countries. It is an international channel for ASEAN and a new development for the southwest region. The strategic fulcrum forms an important portal for the organic integration of the “Belt and Road”. In April 2017, when President Xi Jinping inspected Guangxi, he emphasized the need to develop “the potential for the sea economy and the release of the sea”, while the marine fishery is an important support point for the “three major positioning” and “oriented to the economy”. In 2016, the total output value of Guangxi's fishery economy exceeded 60 billion yuan, which played an important role in Guangxi's agriculture and played a major role in increasing farmers' income and aquatic product supply in our region. In recent years, the rapid development of offshore deep-water cage culture in our district has become an important starting point for my “seaward economy” with deep cooperation with ASEAN. The offshore sea area facility cage equipment development and breeding project implemented by Guangxi Haishitong Food Co., Ltd. in Brunei has become a model for economic cooperation between Guangxi and Brunei.

  In order to better promote the implementation of the project “Development and Aquaculture Technology Innovation and Achievement Transformation Application of Offshore Seas Facility Network Equipment”, Chairman Liu Xilei went to Hainan, China National Aquatic Research Institute, South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Tropical Aquatic Research and Development Center The project kick-off meeting, the meeting mainly signed with the project units and project leaders {project implementation agreement}, and discussed the project implementation plan and the annual plan of the 2019 project to ensure the smooth implementation of the Brunei project issued by the Science and Technology Department.

 At the meeting, the responsible persons of each project will report the preparation work and schedule of the project one by one according to the project report, and deploy the 2019 work plan. Project Leader Professor Ma Zhenhua, deputy director of the Tropical Fisheries Research and Development Center of the South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, put forward relevant issues and solutions that all units need to pay attention to during the implementation of the project, and encourage all units to encounter problems and cooperate with each other. Coordinated processing and detailed report to the project support unit. Finally, Chairman Liu Xilei summarized the speciality and integrity of the project implementation. He hoped that all units would work together and the customer service would be difficult, and the innovation-driven development project will be carried out smoothly.

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