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Gold pomfret

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The Haishitong fishery carp is a scorpionfish, a scorpionidae. The body is short and tall, with a flat side and a slightly diamond shape. The head is small, the kiss is round, the mouth is small, and the teeth are thin. The pelvic fins of the adult fish disappeared and the caudal fins were quite deep. The lower leaves are longer, the body is silvery white, and the upper part is slightly blue-gray, which feeds on crustaceans.

Body type: short and tall, flat on the side, slightly diamond-shaped, about 20 cm in length.


Head: The head is small, the side is flat and high. The kiss is short, round and blunt, slightly protruding before the lower collar. Small eyes, lateral position. The eye interval is a large arc-shaped bulge, the nose is small, 2 on each side, the front nostril is round, the posterior nostril is crack-like, and the mouth is small and slightly oblique.

Jaw: The maxilla is below the leading edge of the eye. Each of the two jaws has one row of fine teeth and is closely arranged.

Gill: The pupil is small, the Gill rake is weak, and the arrangement is loose.

Scales: The scales are small, round, and easily fall off. The lateral line scale is 110~130, the side line is high, and several are parallel with the back edge.

Fins: dorsal fin IX~XII, I-42~48, starting at the front of the anal fin. Anal fin VI~VII, I-41~46. The dorsal and anal fins have the same shape, and the fins and the spines are both truncated, and the front ends of the fins are bulged in a sickle shape. Pectoral fins grow up, 24~27. No pelvic fins. The caudal fin 17 has a deep fork. The body is silvery white, the upper part is slightly blue-gray, and most scales have tiny black dots.

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