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Golden bass

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Humpback cricket, Chromileptes altivelis, genus. In Hong Kong, it is called a mouse spot, also known as a bleu. The fish are distributed in the Western Pacific, including Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Australia, Palau, Guam, New Caledonia and other waters. The temperament is fierce, alert, domain-based, carnivorous, feeding on small fish and small benthic invertebrates. Sexual change, the first female and the male.


Chromileptes altivelis, also known as mouse plaque, is a scorpionfish, a scorpion, a stag beetle that lives in a coastal coral reef. The hunchback scorpion is distributed in the Indonesian Sea to the East Australian Sea in the Indo-East Sea. It is a colorful fish when it is young. It can be used as an ornamental fish. It is delicious in adulthood and is a very high-grade food fish.

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