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Seastone's grouper likes to inhabit the reefs, gravel, and coral reefs near the coastal islands, and is generally not clustered. The perch water layer rises and falls as the water temperature changes. It is distributed in the water depth of 10 to 30 meters in spring and summer, and will appear in the water depth of 2 to 3 meters in the summer season. When the water temperature drops in autumn and winter, it swims to the deep waters of 40 to 80 meters. The suitable temperature range is 15 to 34 ° C, and the suitable water temperature is 22 to 28 ° C. It has a wide range of salt and can survive in the Shanghai area at a salinity of 10 ‰. For carnivorous fierce fish, predatory benthic crustaceans, small fish and cephalopods.


According to the test, when the water temperature is between 22 and 30 °C, the fish is active, the food intake is large, and the growth is fast. When the water temperature drops below 22 °C and above 19 °C, the water temperature drops below 19 °C. The amount is obviously reduced, the growth rate is slowed down, and the activity is weakened with the decrease of water temperature; when the indoor pool is overwintering, it is observed that the water temperature drops below 10 °C and then does not prey on the dead bait, but the live crustacean can still be eaten; When the water temperature drops below 7.5 °C, the food is stopped and the fish is still. When the water temperature is lower than 5.5 °C, death occurs. It has a wide adaptability to salinity and can survive between 11‰41‰, suitable for around 30‰.

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